Theoretical and practical training sessions and seminars in partnership with lawyers, safety and security instructors and paramedic instructors are taking place in our shooting range. We discuss various aspects of armed self-protection for gun owners and emergency first-aid activities, along with the preparations training for the examination in the Police department. Learning and developing safe gun handling techniques and actions to be taken in case of gun malfunction, problems with ammunition, etc. is a guarantee of your safety and freedom!

We recommend to practice with your own gun on the regular basis, taking into consideration situations of misfire, delayed shot, cartridge jams, speed reload, etc.

Individual trainings for gun owners are provided during business days and must be pre-scheduled with our instructors. Ammunition and required inventory can be provided at the shooting range. Registration and detailed information over the phone +372 6000750 or e-mail:

Group courses for the examination in the Police department for obtaining the gun permгit are organised regularly, depending on the class fill-up.

Course program:
– Estonian gun law
– Definition of terms and description of the main law paragraphs
– Armed self-protection theory
– Basic principles and knowledge
– Gun construction (types, differences)
– Ammunition (types, calibers, reload techniques and components)
– Practical training
– Safe gun handling, field-stripping and reassembly, target shooting.

The course will end with practice exam, using similar questions and format as in the Police department. Acquired knowledge will be sufficient to successfully pass theoretical and practical parts of the examination in the Police Department.

Price per participant: 320.00 EUR.
Theoretical course volume is 10 hours + 3 hours of practical training.

Individual training for the examination in the Police Department, for obtaining the gun permгit are provided by request. Price for individual training course is 350 EUR.

NB! From 1st of July 2018 Exam in the Police Department is only available in Estonian language! In case a person is not ready to take the exam in Estonian, it is possible to invite a translator.

9MM provides translation services for an extra fee of 50,00 EUR.

Translation service is only available if booked not less than 1 week before the exam.