9ММ Estonia practical shooting club had been established in 2015 with aim to combine IPSC shooters interested in promotion of IPSC shotgun and handgun disciplines in Estonia. Unlike many other clubs our focus is purely non-commercial. Club main tasks are shooting sport promotion, education and training for sport shooters and organisation of competitions.

Being a every young club in 2016 we have successfully completed all our planned activities, organised Safe Shooter cources and several shooting competitions including Level 3 open shotgun competition in Estonia. By the end of 2016 9MM LTD has opened the shooting range, most of the resource of which is provided to 9MM Estonia shooting club for organising events, trainings and competitions.

in 2017 we are planning to provide several Safe Shooter cources to educate new shooters, arrange regular trainings for club members and organise even more competitions than we did in 2016!

Epicenter Series is a brand name we use for our shooting competitions!


9MM and event Sponsors are trying to make every competition a memorable event where shooters have lots of fun, feel safe and compete fair!

We always design and build our stages keeping all these principles in mind!