9ММ shooting range is located in the center of Tallinn, at Tatari str. 58. We have four 25m long shooting galleries and it is possible to usь whole range space for trainings and handgun competitions. We allow to use any semi-automatic rifles chambered max 7.62×39 and semi-automatic pistols and revolvers chambered max .454 Casull. Using self-made weapons or guns that are not safe (broken, incompatible parts installed etc.) is prohibited!

We have all the required inventory to organise shooting competitions and trainings, Targets and patching stickers can be purchased on site in case pre-order is placed with the instructors.

Currently our shooting instructors are not located in the shooting range all the time. All events must be pre-scheduled over the phone +372 6000750 or e-mail: info@9mm.ee.

9MM Shooting instructors:
Andrey Fedorov
Eugeni Travin
Sergei Sinjagin
Aleksandr Sinjagin

You may invite your own instructor to our shooting range in case he possesses a valid license and is approved by 9MM management.